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What is the difference between 2.4G RF Remote Control and ordinary frequency


What is the difference between 2.4G RF Remote Control and ordinary frequency?

  Simply put, 2.4G RF Remote Control is further, anti-interference ability. Even 30 pcs remote control work together will not interfere with each other. But in the case of obstacle, 2.4G is not as good as the general frequency remote control. According to the specification of ISM we can know, 2.4G WBN is 83.5Mhz, but our 72M frequency band WBN is 1Mhz. The difference between the two is self-evident. Now explain what WBN is . we can now compare it(remote command) to our car's cargo. Our 72Mhz device uses a WBN of 20Khz. So 1M / 20K = 50 frequency point, the equivalent of a 50 lanes of the road. Then if the 2.4G device if the same WBN (20Khz) transmission, then 2.4G is equivalent to a 83.5M / 20K = 4175,4K lanes of the highway. (We are using the 2.4G device using the WBN I do not know, this is just a simple analogy)

  So if the frequency from a single point of view, their difference in the number of frequency points to choose from, 2.4G gives us more choice.

  In addition, from the perspective of the characteristics of electromagnetic wave transmission, 2.4G diffraction ability is much worse than 72M, in other words, if there is obstacle between we and the model, then 2.4G will accept the signal is much lower than 72M equipment. Fortunately, our Common Remote Control is the line of in sight within the control, if there is obstacle, invisible but can not remote control is useless).

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The advantages of 2.4G RF remote control equipment ?

  If you understand the contents of the above, you will find, in addition to WBN, 2.4G no many advantages, (more interference sources, poor transmission characteristics).

  2.4G RF Remote Control advantages comes from his WBN. All of the following leads to a new concept of spread spectrum. Well, back to the analogy above, we need to express a package between the two cities (that is our remote control instructions) ,If you take 50 lanes of the road you can only walk one of the line without disobey the law and can not change Road, so The probability of experiencing traffic jams is relatively big. But if you are a 4K lane highway, and the police require you to legally use one of the 100 or all of the road. You can almost no traffic jam to reach the end. The concept of diffusion is simply to make your device use more WBN than needed. As a result, if there is a narrow-band interference exists, it will only interfere with your part of the transmission capacity, if you use the appropriate anti-jamming technology, interference can be eliminated.

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