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Customized 2.4G Wireless Air Mouse Remote Control


Customized 2.4G Wireless Air Mouse Remote Control

  The air mouse is a new type mouse of good induction in the air position variation, it gets rid of the dependence on normal mouse to the desktop, Impending operation, just moving the wrist, you can make the mouse pointer to the position that you want to. Let you easily operation and do as you wishes. Ultra remote control distance and 2.4GHz transmission technology, let you degage to use. 

 Next, Let's know several advantages of  2.4G wireless air mouse remote control.

  First, relieve fatigue: whether watching the news, playing games or watching TV, as long as using the 2.4G wireless air mouse remote control, you can lying, Lying On Front, or anyways, can easily manipulate the remote control, allowing you to easily realize remote control and computer comfortablely. operate air mouse remote control by Linear state, enable let the hand to relax. meridian stretch,free wrist pressure, prevention and mitigation carpal tunnel syndrome causes by using mouse on desktop.

  Second, available using everywhere: generally we use the mouse to control the smart TV set-top boxes, computer etc, must rely on the table, coffee table, sofa, or thigh support to accomplish, that's inconvenience but with the 2.4G wireless air mouse remote control, these troubles are not in trouble any more, no longer in limited but using in anywhere. you just need the STB Remote Control

  Three, if the network set-top boxes and smart TVs is the Android system, then you can also use the 2.4G wireless air mouse remote control keyboard or Android tv remote control play the latest somatosensory game,  That's great fun!.

  Four, 2.4G wireless air mouse remote control has auto sleep and power saving function, when the product is not in using, it will automatically enter the sleep state, save more power, so as to avoid the trouble of battery replacement, both free from worry and save money.

  Five, 2.4G wireless air mouse remote control strengthen the stability and prevent the receiver code missing, Ensure stable data transmission and good smoothly sense of using.

Anycon Remote Control Factory

Anycon Remote Control Factory:

  Anycon remote control factory is a professional remote control manufacturer and exporter in China speciaized in Bluetooth air mouse remote control, 2.4G RF air mouse remote control, voice control remote control for smart TV and android box remote control for more than 5 years, with our own R&D department in which there are many engineers who are in remote control field for over 10 years, OEM and ODM orders with customers, designs and specification are always welcome. Our company, including own sales department, R&D department, injection, SMT, assembling and QC department etc, will do our best service for you!

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