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AN1602 Product launch information


     Google TV will apparently be known as in the future, especially for the CES exhibition in 2018. In order to adapting the development of remote control industry and satisfy clients’ requirements, Anycon launches this model AN1602. A big ‘G’ button layout with high recognizable that is clear and concise. ‘G’ character represents the Google TV identification, like ‘G’ customers can customize different identification style according to their demands.

   N1602l includes Google TV necessary requirements with all five buttons. So customers can easily identify this Google TV remote control at first glance. The panels and back case are also excessive over-all natural curves, and users use it without the feeling of the edge. Outer ring and back case adopt coarse grain with frosted effect. Currently, most of remote controls in the market, use fine grained. So this one is more easily to distinguish with others. Besides, add coarse grain effect will be good for the touch feeling, especially for those users with wet palm fell better. A slight contraction of the waist line, can improve the product curve beautify and which is more suitable for the market. 

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