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How to Program a TV Remote to a Samsung LCD?



A universal TV remote can control all the devices in your entertainment system including the television, DVD player, surround sound system and more. Programming the DirecTV remote control takes a few steps and will leave you with the ease of using one remote for all devices.


universal TV remote

Step 1

Turn on the Samsung LCD television by pressing the Powerbutton.


Step 2

Slide the mode switch located on the top of the DirecTV remote to the TVmode.


Step 3

Press and hold the Mutebutton. Press and hold the Selectbutton while still holding the Mutebutton until the green light on top of the remote control flashes two times.


Step 4

Key in the Samsung LCD television code, which is 10812.The green light will flash two more times.


Step 5

Point the DirecTV remote at the Samsung television and press the PWRbutton once. The Samsung television should shut off. The remote control will now control the Samsung television. Switch the mode back to DirecTV.The remote is now programmed and ready for use.

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