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How Does a Universal Remote Control Work?


Universal Remote Control

What is a Universal Remote Control?

A universal remote control can be easily programmed to simultaneously operate different types of electronics devices, from TVs to stereos to DVD players without regard to the model or brand. These remotes look like and have similar button layouts to normal remote controls that may come with a TV or DVD player, and are used in the same way.

Programming Codes

A universal remote control's multi-device control capabilities are based on programming in a series of numerical codes. To use the example of TVs, each brand of TV has a specific numerical code attached to it. The remote control that comes with that particular TV is programmed to work with that brand's numerical code. So a Sony remote control will control a Sony television; it won't, however, control a Panasonic television, as Panasonic's numerical code is different from Sony's. A universal remote allows the user to program the remote to recognize several numerical codes, which can allow it to control devices from different brands.

Controlling Multiple Devices

A universal remote control can also be programmed to control multiple devices. Many universal remotes have a series of "input" buttons, with each being able to control a specific device. Just like televisions, things like DVD players and home theater receivers all have different numerical codes attached to them. Using the "input" buttons on a remote control and by following the instructions found in the manual that comes with it, the same remote can easily control every component in a person's home theater.

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