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  Bluetooth technology: is a wireless technology standard that enables short-range data exchange between fixed devices, mobile devices and building personal LAN ( Local Area Network ). iBeacon technology (low power consumption Bluetooth technology) is the same as the traditional Bluetooth technology? Or whether there is inextricably linked between them.

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   Bluetooth remote control technology is a low-power Bluetooth technology, works similar to the previous Bluetooth technology, but not all the same, by the base station to send signals, positioning to receive, feedback signal. According to this simple positioning technology can make a lot of the corresponding technical applications. In other words, it is not just Bluetooth technology, it is a lot of technology as a basis. Can be based on Bluetooth remote control technology to make a lot of other technical applications.

  Now, most of the computer accessories, such as printers, screens, etc., must be connected to the wire for they can transfer messages, but Bluetooth through its short-range receiving system, you can make these accessories without of lines, still Able to send instructions, TV accessories control also easy by Bluetooth remote control technology. so that the real "wireless remote control" world.

Bluetooth remote control factory

  Bluetooth remote control is currently frequently technology used in wireless communication, often used on mobile phones. Using software, coupled with a Bluetooth adapter, as long as the phone supports java Bluetooth development, you can turn the phone into a computer remote control, within 10 meters of remote control of the computer, you can use the phone to enter text to the computer , You can also remote control mouse and keyboard, convenient and quick.You can lie in bed to see movies, listen to musics, just use the Bluetooth remote control you can do these things, easy operation, fun.

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