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Remote Control Manufacturing Principle


  A remote control is a device used to remotely control a machine. Modern remote control, mainly by the integrated circuit board and used to generate different messages formed by the button. Remote control works: a lot of electrical appliances are infrared remote control, infrared remote control works? First of all, take a look at what is infrared. People's eyes can see the visible light wavelength from long to short arrangement, followed by red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple. Where in the wavelength of the red light ranges from 0.62 to 0.76 m; the wavelength of violet light ranges from 0.38 to 0.46 m. Than the short wavelength of ultraviolet light is called ultraviolet light, red light wavelength is longer than the infrared light. Infrared remote control is the use of wavelengths of 0.76 ~ 1.5μm between the near-infrared to send control signals.

Remote Control Manufacturing Principle

  Commonly utilized  infrared remote control  system is generally divided into two parts to launch and receive. The main part of the launch part of the infrared light-emitting diodes. It is actually a special light-emitting diodes, because its internal material is different from ordinary light-emitting diodes, and thus imposed a certain voltage at its ends. It will be issued by infrared rather than visible light. At present, a large number of infrared light-emitting diodes issued by the infrared wavelength of 940nm or so, the same shape and general 5 light-emitting diodes, but the color is very different. Infrared light-emitting diodes are generally black, dark blue, transparent three colors. Judge the infrared light-emitting diode is good or bad way to judge the same as ordinary diodes: with a multimeter to measure the resistance of infrared light-emitting diodes, positive and negative resistance can be.
  Infrared remote control is characterized by does not affect the surrounding environment, does not interfere with other electrical equipment. Because it can not penetrate the wall, so different rooms of household appliances can use a common remote control and will not interfere with each other; circuit debugging is simple, as long as the given circuit connection is correct, generally do not need any debugging to work; Easy to carry out multi-channel remote control. As the remote control manufacturers produce a large number of infrared remote control ASIC, when you need to figure by Ji can. Therefore, the infrared remote control in the home appliances, indoor close (less than 10 meters) remote control has been widely used. Multi-channel infrared remote control system Multi-channel infrared emission control part of the general have many buttons, representing the different control functions. When the transmitter presses a button, corresponding to the receiving end has a different output state. The receiving end of the output state can be divided into pulse, level, self-locking, interlocking, data five forms. "Pulse" output is when the button by the transmitter, the receiver output corresponding to the output of an "effective pulse", the width is generally about 100ms.

  "Level" output refers to the transmitter press the button, the receiver output corresponding to the output "active level", the transmitter release button, the receiver "active level" disappears. Here, the "effective pulse" and "active level" may be high or low depending on the static state of the corresponding output pin, for example, when low, "high" is active; , "Low" is active. In most cases, "high" to be effective. "Self-locking" output refers to the transmitter each time a certain key, the receiving end corresponding to the output end of a change in state, that is, the original high to low, the original low to high. This output is suitable for power switch, mute control. This output is sometimes referred to as "inverting." An "interlock" output means that multiple outputs are cleared from each other and only one output is active at a time. TV selection of Taiwan is the case, such as dimming, speed control, audio input selection.

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