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What is a Universal Remote


 Overview: What is a Universal Remote?

A universal remote control is a programmable remote control for home theater use that can control each and every component in a home theater system. Many of today's remotes download the needed code for all of the required equipment in your rack via an online interface. Simply tell your Web interface which cable box, which Blu-ray player, which receiver and which DVD-Audio player you have and, within seconds, the codes are downloaded into your universal remote. Hard buttons on the remote are assigned to the basic standards sent from the remote company. Information is sent for onscreen controls, assuming your remote has an LCD screen. Users can modify these commands if desired past the remote company factory standards.

 Types of Remote Controls

 Factory Remote Controls
Factory remote controls range from basic functionality to full learning remotes. Audiophile components tend to come with heavy, metal remote controls that are designed to make you feel like you are in control of a serious piece of equipment. AV receiver remote controls tend to be OEM "learning" remote controls that potentially teach your entire system's commands. HDTVs come with some level of learning, but neither receivers nor HDTV remotes compare to the functionality and ease of use stereotypically found with the better under universal remote controls on the market today.
 Touch Panel Remote Controls
Touch panel remote controls are the king of the "wow" factor, as these beaming, large, color command systems allow anyone in a family to have pre-programmed access to virtually every function of a home theater or home automation system. Touch panels range in size from a few inches to 20-plus inches. Touch panels can be hardwired (faster and more reliable) or can be wireless via a network or Bluetooth (more mobile). Touch-screen remotes and home automation systems require professional installation by an AV integrator, as they are complex and require significant amounts of hardware, control wiring, custom code and beyond in order to make them function in accordance with the client's needs.

Some function keys might not work for your system if it is customized by its remote control factory.
Anycon owns professional factory which focus on smart remote control  devices. OEM welcomed !

Anycon remote control factory is a professional remote control manufacturer and exporter in China speciaized in Bluetooth air mouse remote control, 2.4G RF air mouse remote control, voice control remote control for smart TV and android box remote control for more than 5 years, with our own R&D department in which there are many engineers who are in remote control field for over 10 years, OEM and ODM orders with customers, designs and specification are always welcome. Our company, including own sales department, R&D department, injection, SMT, assembling and QC department etc, will do our best service for you!

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