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AN5004 Multi-function remote control

  • Description:AN5004 Universal Remote Control can control the CBL,TV,DVD,AUX four kinds of equipment for the retail market in the Americas,45-50 customizable buttons and European versions.
  • Model:AN5004
  • Communication connection:Infrared
  • The number of buttons:50 keys
  • Order Hotline:(0086)755-28895686
  • Product Details

AN5004 Universal Remote Control is a Universal Remote Control device to control multiple devices simultaneously. By the infrared emission circuit, infrared receiver, amplifying, demodulators, amplifiers, receiving an indication, delay, electronic switches, counters, channel display, the channel preselector, channel converter, and a composite video signal converter power supply. And open a button control channel conversion and the TV power is turned off. Simple, low cost, easy to implement advantages. AN5004 Universal Remote Control can control the CBL, TV, DVD, AUX four kinds of equipment.This is one device combines all the advantages of  universal smart TV remote and universal aircon remote as well as some other devices. Perfect choice for your sweet cozy home!

1. A majority of the receiving equipment without setting directly.
2. Reflecting the speed can be comparable with the original remote control.
3. Super memory is not lost for electricity code, easy to operate reflect agility.
4. Super energy-saving chip, large capacity battery is more durable and low power consumption.
5. Launch angle, large reception over 8 m distance.
6. The use of new plastic and seismic crystal,hard ruggedness.

AN5004 Universal Remote Control specifications

Size: 196×51×32mm
7.7×2.0×1.2 inches
Power Supply:

Battery Type:
2 pieces AAA

Working Voltage:
DC 2.4V~5.0V

Working Current:

Transmitting Distance:
≥315 inches
Key Type:
Silicone Keys

Key Number:

According to customer demand for customized products,function can be customized Buttons can be customized.

universal remote control

Other Universal Remote Control design:

universal remote control

AN5004 Universal Remote Control

Support to 10 devices:TV,DVD/VCR,SAT,STB,etc.
With learning function
Reflecting the speed can be comparable with the original remote control.
Super memory is not lost for electricity code, easy to operate reflect agility.
Super energy-saving chip, large capacity battery is more durable and low power consumption.
Launch angle, large reception over 8 m distance.
The use of new plastic and seismic crystal, hard ruggedness.

remote control factory

Anycon Remote Control Factory:

Anycon remote control factory is a professional remote control manufacturer and exporter in China speciaized in Bluetooth air mouse remote control, 2.4G RF air mouse remote control, voice control remote control for smart TV and android box remote control for more than 5 years, with our own R&D department in which there are many engineers who are in remote control field for over 10 years, OEM and ODM orders with customers, designs and specification are always welcome. Our company, including own sales department, R&D department, injection, SMT, assembling and QC department etc, will do our best service for you!

remote control


Some function keys might not work for your system if it is customized by its remote control factory.
Anycon owns professional factory which focus on smart remote control  devices. OEM welcomed !

remote control

With nice packing , the product AN5004 Multi-function remote control is hot-selling all over the world.

customized packing or shipping serve also accept.

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1.Our product: We mainly dedicated to the current mainstream smart TV, smart set-top boxes to provide interactive manipulation, touch applications and voice applications, smart voice remote control, smart air mouse, gesture control remote control, intelligent gamepad remote control.

2.Our technology: Adhering to customer demand as the core, focusing on providing customers with proven interactive solutions and equipment, the company has a strong software development team. We also have the exterior design, mold, construction, electronics, packaging and so the whole series remote control of independent development and design capabilities.

3.Our service: We specialize in a variety of remote control design, development, production and sales and after-sales service. Critical process covers injection, patch (SMT), printing, assembly, testing and so on. We conducted a series of product reliability testing to ensure product quality.

4.Our sales: We set up a domestic market sales in Shenzhen, the overseas market sales and e-commerce sectors, all areas to meet the customer's knowledge, product customization.

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